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ShipYourReptiles - Let us take the worry out of reptile shipping!

Affordable, Discounted Shipping Rates

Shipping live animals is an expensive part of our hobby, but we go out of our way to save you as much money as possible! Volume discounts are available!

Affordable, Discounted Shipping Rates

Super Convenient

Create and pay for your shipping label directly from our website. Print it from your home, attach to package and drop off at your convenience, or arrange to have FedEx pick it up from you.

Convenient and professional shipping

All the Materials You Need

Not sure what kind of box to use? How much insulation? Bag or cup? We’ve got all the supplies you need to safely ship your scaly friend, with step-by-step instructions on how to use them.

all the products you need to ship safely

Outstanding, Friendly Customer Service

Our staff of Customer Service Representatives and Management Team are always available to answer your questions and help out with any issues that might arise.

Helpful staff

100% FedEx Certified Specifically for Live Reptiles

Individuals shipping live reptiles must get their own FedEx certification, OR, you can ship through SYR. We work directly with FedEx to give you a legitimate, safe, and convenient method for shipping your reptiles and amphibians.

Being fully certified and partnered with FedEx specifically for the purpose of shipping live reptiles, SYR can follow up and track down any delayed or lost shipment with an urgency that other shippers can’t match.

FedEx certified live animal shipper

Industry Leading Shipper of Reptiles

First and best! Since 2009, SYR has been leading the way in safe, responsible shipping for everyone from large breeders to the smallest hobbyist. Dependable, reliable, and steadfast.

Industry leader in reptile shipping

What are People Saying?

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at what industry leaders and hobbyists alike have to say about ShipYourReptiles.

We are here to meet all your shipping needs!

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