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Lacy Act and IATA Compliance Labels 50 qty

Item #IATA-50

Total Price: $7.50

It is IMPORTANT that you clearly indicate quantity and species and label your live package appropriately, according to both Federal and State laws. This includes meeting the IATA labeling requirement and the Lacey Act labeling requirement. Failure to label your live shipments accurately and/or completely may result in delays, inspection, confiscation, and/or monetary fines. Florida and California are especially vigilant about inspections and citations It is YOUR responsibility, and it only takes a moment!

To make it even easier to be compliant and to ensure you are shipping like a pro we are now offering these professional looking 4" square decals with room for both Lacey Act and IATA labeling, so you can quickly fill them out, peel, stick, and ship.


Qty 50