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Photo contest: Win a free shipment!

Critical! Heat pack use can cause DOAs! Please follow our temperature guidelines for heat pack use! DOAs occur at this time of year because of heat pack use in still-warm weather! SYR guidelines specify NO heat pack use when either origin or destination daytime high temp is 70F or above. Reptiles can handle cool temperatures much better than they can handle hot temperatures. Misuse of heat packs is the number one cause of DOAs. If you have questions about when to use a heat pack for your shipment please contact us, we'd be happy to advise! 

Photo contest: Win a free shipment!


We are offering two free shipments (up to $55 value each). Create your own thumbs-up picture with one of your ShipYourReptiles shipments and post the photo on our Facebook page (cell phone pics are fine). Deadline is midnight Sunday, April 24. We will draw two random winners from the pictures posted, and they will each receive a live reptile shipment credit of $55. Be as creative as you like!

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ShipYourReptiles ships 1,000 packages a week!

Thanks to the support of people like you, the newly relaunched is shipping 1,000 packages a week with great success. FedEx is providing awesome shipping service, and we are excited about our future.

Be sure to use the Harmless Live Reptile insert

We've seen some "unboxing" videos on YouTube (awesome to see), and we've noticed some ShipYourReptiles customers aren't putting the Harmless Live Reptile insert on top of their paperwork inside the shipping boxes. This sheet is the first thing a person sees when opening the box, and it's important for every shipment. To make it easier, here is a downloadable pdf with three Harmless Live Reptile notes on the page. You can print the pdf in bulk, cut them out, and have them handy for your next shipments. Easy! And important!

Have a great 2011 reptile season!